Winter Trail Stories

Each year, the Foundation auctions off naming rights for local ski runs. These are some of the stories behind the names.

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2023 – Final Final

John Goodman

“The Final, Final.
The last run after the last run.
The last drink after the last drink.
Our dear friend Christian was all about the final final.
This run is not just in remembrance of him but also a reminder to us all.
Check in on your friends from time to time.
Above all else never take that final, final for granted. Cheers.” – Johnnie

In honor of Christian, October 17, 1977 – March 1, 2023.

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2021 – Dodgeball

Peter & Amy Christodoulo, Rishi & Kristin Chandra, Ray & Angelique Waddell, Anurag & Lindsay Sharma, & AJ & Melissa Rohde

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2020 – Daku’s Dip

Arani & Shumita Bose

“Growing up in the late 70’s, I had a beautiful all black German Shepard named Daku. Daku is the Sanskrit / Bengali word for bandit. We used to joke that Daku was the best looking member of our family. The first time we visited Moonlight was Christmas 2015. We had to rush back from our great skiing trip because we were getting delivery of our families first dog, a Tibetan Terrier that we named Daku in homage to the first Daku in the family decades before. A few years later, we ended up buying a plot of land on Cowboy Heaven Spur Road and are building a home there. When the run naming opportunity came up just above our home it seemed like a chance to indelibly mark the connection to our beloved Daku, his previous namesake, and our new Moonlight home.”
– Arani

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2019 – Community Matters

Jerry Hood, Ania Bulis, Larry & Toni Landry, Tim & Robin Sheehan, Bob & Patty Rhea, John & Jean Geisler, Matt & Heather Morris

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2019 – Jayhawk Lift

Will McCollum

“Growing up in Kansas, my family went to Vail, CO every Thanksgiving. On our drive there, I was always curious why anyone would drive East – away from the mountains. My life and career have been very fortunate; it’s with great pride and humility that I am a Moonlight member and now a donor to the Moonlight Community Foundation. But let’s be honest, every March Madness, I want Big Sky to know that the Jayhawks are contenders!” – Will

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2018 – Jaws

Tim & Robin Sheehan

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2017 – PB and J

Bryan & Katherine Bottarelli

“The name PB and J is simply our daughters initials – although it is widely believed to be our love of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Our daughters are Julia and Paige Bottarelli. They go together like peanut butter and jelly. We thought it was kind of clever to use their initials in a way that wouldn’t be so obvious to the public at large. Jeff Stickler has a little blurb about the run in his book.” – Katherine

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2016 – White Witch

Larry & Toni Landry