Summer Trail Stories

Each year, the Foundation auctions off naming rights for new Moonlight Basin summer trails.   These are some of the stories behind the names.

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2021 – Doulo’s Dip

Peter & Amy Christodoulo
“We love our trail! The story behind our name is a bit literal. In high school husband Peter’s nickname was “Doulo” (our surname is Christodoulo), and there’s a significant vertical change on one portion of the trail (some might call a dip) so you put the two together and, voilà, there you have it. Here’s a cute photo of of Amy and Pickles hiking the trail this winter.” – Amy

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2021 – Whatherschu Way

Rob & Susan White

“We are very happy to support the MCF. It is a wonderful organization that supports the entire community of Big Sky. We were happy to purchase the naming rights of the WhAtherSchu Way Trail. The funny name actually is a combination of our last name “White” and our two daughters’ last names, Atherton and Schuster. We call ourselves Team WhAtherSchu when we all get together out in Big Sky.” -Susan

Whatherschu Way Trail Story

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2021 – Lazy G

Jeff Greenberg & Cathleen Dee

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2021 – YP’s Way

Clint Trenkelbach & Chikako Nakagawa Cheng

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2019 – Enivel Dreams

Brad & Melissa LeVine

“Enivel dreams was named after our family name! It is Levine backwards. After much debate on what to name the trail it was actually Yarrow Kraner who came up with the name and we loved it. Moonlight has been a home for our family for almost 15 years and to know that our family will always have a place in Moonlight was perfect.” – Melissa